Sign of life


Over the last month, we got several emails concerning the status of Facing Hell. When I look at the date of our last news, I must admin that it took way too long. Sorry for all those unanswered emails.

To finally give you the answer you deserve: we are still working on this project. The development was somewhat slow in the last month with no mentionable advancement due to all those real life tasks we had to manage. But be assured that we do not give up Facing Hell.
Currently we are working hard to be able to show you some new content, to be in March. Sadly, we cannnot set a release date yet.

We are sorry for the lack of new information and we hope you remain true to Facing Hell, as we do.


January 30th, 2007



MayaImportx86.dll replaced


Marco "theRev" Cattaneo just wrote us an email reporting some problems with our MayaImportx86.dll for Maya7. We checked it, and it seems like we put the wrong dll into the zip, shame on us...

We replaced it, so you can now download a working dll :)

Sorry, if some of you went already crazy trying to do something impossible because of the wrong file :)


April 24th, 2006



New media and a new team member


We already planned to release some news on the project a few weeks ago, but things became complicated...
Now we finished most of the things, that needed to be done for the news, so here we are:
As we already told you in the last news, FH comes with some new features. We just put the final touch to the scanner device and to the auto haste option, so we can actually work with it.
To get an idea of how the scanner device looks in game we prepared two screenshots:

We also promised some screenshots of our features related to water, which might be quite spectacular, because Doom 3 doesn't support any kind of water at all.
The water distortion and surface fx is still under development, so the following shots show an early state of it.

We are glad to announce, that we have got a new team member: Sean "FaHrenheit" Phillips joined us as a sound designer and he already did a great job on the underwater ambient and sound effects for all the weapons.

A few month ago, we did an upgrade to Maya7, so we needed to recompile id's import dll to get our animations and cinematics into the game. As we read on the forums, there is some interrest in this dll, so we decided to release it. You can download it here.

And last but not least, two screenshots from the intro sequence:


March 18th, 2006



Facing Hell Team reveals new features!


We think it's time to reveal some information about the gameplay features, Facing Hell will come with. Three of the most important features are the following:


FH will support several kinds of water with realistic physics, like swimming, diving, object buoyancy and lot of new effects like water impact particle effects, underwater view distortion, projectile trails, evaporating fireballs or vaporizing plasma in water, new underwater weapon sounds etc...


FH's story will be complex, no question. We had to find a way to tell it in a more exciting way. In FH, there is no PDA anymore. The doom marine has a new method of gathering important information about his environment: he utilizes a scanner-like device, mounted directly into the player's hud. This device is part of a new technology, embedded into the marine's helmet.

Infight balancing / Auto-Haste

We love the old classic doom titles, and their gameplay speed. Id Software was going a new way with Doom 3, making it slower and more frightening. We are trying to give Doom back what made the old titles so much fun during a fight.
Our so called "Auto-Haste" feature makes both slow, horrible scenes and fast pacing action possible.

Read a lot more about it in our updated FAQ. Currently, we work hard to finish these features. Be sure to find some screenshots here soon.


October 13th, 2005



Interview with and new screenshots


New content is getting done, the work on our new gameplay features progresses; the overall developement is going on smooth. Meanwhile, don't miss the opportunity to read the interview we have done with the nice people at We are talking about some general modding topics and some specific Doom 3 and Facing Hell things.

With the interview, we publish four new screenshots which you can also find in our media section, of course.

We hope you enjoy the new shots. Stay tuned until the next update, probably revealing some of our interesting changes to the original Doom 3.


August 22nd, 2005



new media


There's life in the old dog yet! We added five new shots to the media section:


July 10th, 2005



May i introduce ...


We finished one of our new monsters a while ago: An ancient demon, called "the lord".
He is really pissed off, because someone has ripped off his hips and legs, took his guts and spine out and mounted a kind of machinery at its place.
The machinery in his body enables him to fly and he hurls very fast fireballs at you. They are not very accurat, but for that reason he hurls six of them at once.
He is already fully animated and it´s quite cool to watch him having an air fight against two cacodemons :)


January 30th, 2005



FAQ update


We added a few more points to the FAQ, most of them occured because of the upcoming official missionpack "Resurrection of Evil".
They are marked, so you quickly see whats new.
btw: sorry for the delay :)


January 30th, 2005



Still alive!


Wow, nearly four month has passed since our last news and a lot of things happened in this time. Some mods have been canceled because of technical problems, or - as we guess in some cases - just because of a lack of motivation.

For the time beeing the Doom3 engine is limited in some ways and wouldn´t be our first choice for a few things, but this was known long before and it's exactly the same with Doom3´s multiplayer options.

Many mod teams complain about the bad support by id, but that's something we can't really agree on. Ok, maybe the support could be better in a few cases, but you ought to consider that everything in Doom3 (the source code, the script code, the process of content creation) had become far more complicated compared to former games like Half Life or Quake3Arena. That's the price you have to pay for all the cool stuff you can do with it and not to forget that everyone expect the upcoming mods to be on the same level of quality as the original game, so you really need a lot of skill and motivation.

We just want to let you know, that we are still alive and we are still working very hard on Facing Hell. Some of us are busy at the moment to get a few things managed in their real life, so don't expect us to post something new in a weekly manner.

We will update the FAQ within the next few days and some brand new material is also on the way on, so stay tuned!

Thanks for the patience, your Facing Hell


January 5th, 2005



New screenshots


Just a small update: we added three new screenshots to the media section.


September 19th, 2004



Official website opened


Welcome to the official website of the Facing Hell Project, a Doom 3 Missionpack.
Here you will find all the news and goodies you desire. Be sure to frequently check this page, so you do not miss anything about this project.
If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ or feel free to contact us.


September 19th, 2004



The Facing Hell Project is dedicated to the original Doom 3 by id Software.